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D8 (Canal+)

How to move at very short notice two television stations without interruption of broadcasts ?


After the purchase of TV channels D8 and D17, Canal + wished to move the staff and technical installations to a new location in order to centralize all the free to air channels of the Canal + group.

This implied creating new control rooms, new post-production suites (editing rooms), installing an optical fibre network at every floor of the building, planning LED lighting for the production studios, the complete dematerialization of all media with a very high security level, very fast online availability of all self-produced contents,…

The challenge is not easy: launching the project while requesting at the same time administrative approval, totally transforming a building for its new purpose and therefore modifying its underlying structure and finally designing and building a turnkey television facility with studios and suites at the state of the art…and all this in a building where the heavy construction work is not even finished.

Furthermore, ceasing broadcasting is out of the question and the job must be completed in record time. Normally, a major undertaking such as this one takes from 12 to 18 months. The major issue of this project is to complete everything within 9 months ! Any delay would have catastrophic consequences on production costs.



VIDELIO - Preview wins the European international tender. Orientation committees are put in place to design the project together with the customer. Topics covered include defining in detail the equipment content of each suite, designing control desks, scheduling the work of the VIDELIO - Preview teams to blend in harmony with the other professionals on location,…

  • A staff of 15 were delegated to the project
  • to build in 9 months a full HD television centre, 100% media file based
  • with 4 playout stations, 20 post-production suites,
    5 production sets and future-proofed in all aspects of digital technologies.

To ensure the smooth operation of their facilities, VIDELIO - Preview trained the D8 technical staff to give them complete mastery of the channel's workflow.


The client wisely chose to resort to professionals having the reactivity, know-how and flexibility to accomplish a project of this magnitude. The delivery schedules were respected on a timely basis, the teams reacted promptly and constantly listened to the customer's concerns during the entire project.