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EY Experience Lab, a unique place for innovation, collaboration and production

EY Experience Lab is a space entirely dedicated to innovation covering 600m² on the EY premises at Tour First in La Défense. This place comprises 3 strategic and complementary components: Analytics, Cyber and Digital. Its purpose is to research, test innovative solutions and methods, and to develop new services for and with clients.

To assist its client, VIDELIO – IEC has integrated innovative, interactive and immersive solutions in various spaces (reception, meeting rooms, open space, showroom, and war room):

  • Tactile and interactive collaborative display wall (4 x 65”)
  • 2 tables with built-in projected capacitive touch screens
  • 20 vertical screens, 7 of which are tactile
  • 8-screen image wall
  • 28 multimedia broadcasting devices
  • Video-conference facilities in the 2 war rooms
  • Shariiing Platform for collaborative sharing and presentations
  • Tailored soundproof booth designed and manufactured by the VIDELIO – Media teams 

Video : clic picture